A tuscan spring in london



Since the spring hasn’t sprung yet in town, we decided to bring some of the most exciting Italian spring flavours. What’s better than sourcing from that unlimited food basin which the Tuscany region is?  Working day and night, reading books, and meeting people and friends from this beautiful, and always popular, region, chef and the dwarf have been looking for what a real Tuscan would love to eat in London, what aromas they’re missing and for all those dishes which are going to be forgotten by the new generation. A new food revision is about to get started with Tuscany: sourcing great ingredients and mixing them up with a tablespoon of creativity and a pinch of tradition.

Dinner will be a mix of main corses and tapas sized dishes. We’ll try, as usual, to fill you up as much as we can though 😉

Ladies and gentleman, please be seated as the BackDoor Kitchen proudly presents you  its Tuscan spring menu:

Complimentary glass of Prosecco


Crema di Ribollita con Seppioline all’olio alle erbe

Cavolo Nero, swiss chard, tomato and cannellini bean traditional Tuscan soup served as a soft cream along with char-grilled baby squid, all dressed with homemade mix herbs extra virgin olive oil

Risotto di farro della Garfagnana con verdure di stagione e gamberetti

Spelt from Garfagnana risotto with seasonal vegetables, tiger prawns and white wine

Tonno Briaco con Melanzane Marinate

Tuna steaks cooked in a special white wine sauce and layered with char-grilled aubergine, marinated in extra virgin olive oil, basil and white wine vinegar

Pappardelle al ragù bianco di selvaggina e cacao magro

Homemade pappardelle served with a white base game ragout sauce and cocoa powder

Pollo alla Cacciatora con cipolle caramellate

Chicken breast slowly cooked with wine, white vinegar, garlic and rosemary and served with giant green olive and caramelised onion


Secret Dessert – A Tuscan delight reinveted by chef 😉

Suggested donation: £25

Dinner starts at 20:30 on Saturday 09/06

A few rules of the house

We run a BYO (bring your own bottle) policy which is the more you bring the more you drink, the more you share with your table mates.

We support a “Tip as you like” spirit at the end of the dinner.

We can cope with allergies and dietary requirements only if told with at least 3 days notice before the event.

Guests are kindly asked to turn up on time. Lateness is not polite to the other guests and the dwarf gets really grumpy about it.



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