Fill the world with bubbles!

on SUNDAY 24/06 at 7:oopm SOLD OUT

JULY 8TH AT 7:00 PM !!!!!!

Fill the world with bubbles!

Chef’s dream has finally come true! A whole night dedicated to chef’s much loved table friends: sparkling wines and seafood dishes. We partner again with Aubert & Mascoli and this time our wine girl Colleen will take you through a journey of natural bubbles and amazing wine producers. Chef’s sourced the best seafood in London markets and tasted some of the best sparkling in Aubert & Mascoli portfolio. All ended up in several hangovers for the dwarf but also in an incredibly inspired menu celebrating art and creativity which is what great cuisine and winemaking is all about.

Fill the world with bubbles!

And now the BackDoor Kitchen team proudly presents you its seafood matched to sparkling wine menu.

Chef’s white Gazpacho with Clam sautéed in anchovy sauce
A new surrealistic extravaganza.
Matched with The Brut and the Beast, soft bubbles from Piedmont, appley and smokey with a pleasant finish to the palate

Scallops saltimbocca
Tender, meaty scallop gently wrapped in San Daniele Ham and slowly cooked with white wine and sage.
Matched with Colombaia Frizzante, Gentle bubbles from Tuscany? Yes folks and you better get ready for it!

Grigliata Pollock @ n.47 (Curious? Have a look)
Celebrating Pollock’s creative genius chef presents Char-grilled Prawn, calamari and octopus served with different flavours of mayonnaise.
Matched with Luna y Sol, made from the classic black grape of Sicily: Nero D’avola. This  fruity, round sparkling is vinified as white wine!

Cacio e Pepe Style Squid Ink Risotto topped with sautéed mussels
A classic fish risotto with an unusual Pecorino Romano twist, a feast of contrasts and aromas all combined in one dish.
Matched with Perle, a sparkling chardonnay Pinot Noir from France.

Secret Dessert
A summer version of a gorgeous Italian dessert? Possibly 😛

Suggested donation: £35

– 4 courses meal plus dessert;

– Complimentatary Wine tasting session led by our wine girl Colleen;

– Complimentary extra top ups up to 3 glasses for each wine!

SUNDAY 08/07 at 7:oopm


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Fill the world with bubbles!


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