More foodie conspiracies this summer!

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Dear guests & friends,

JULY and AUGUST come as the busiest months for the English summer, so we decided to go with the flow and have fun.

The agenda is superpacked!

A second date for a smash hit supperclub, our first outdoor event and the first international supperclub summit are among the headlines of the next couple of months.
Well, there is something more too (some of our guests already know about it) but we’ll let you know more very soon ;).

Below you can find more flamboyant, epic, dashing, colourful, dazzling, luscious and, as is custom with us…

C’mon, get your pens and diaries ready 😀

Fill the world with bubbles!


Fill the world with bubbles! (2nd date)

Due to the incredible success of the first sparkling night with AUBERT & MASCOLI (sold out in only 3 days!!), we repeat our biggest succes so far on the 8th of July.

A MENU inspired to art (do you like JACKSON POLLOCK? We DO LOVE him!), tradition and complete SEAFOOD insanity plus the complimentary WINES (up to 3 glasses a head for each wine for the total of 4 wines) and a wine tasting session led by our wine girl COLLEEN.

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go and grab them!

You can book HERE or drop us an EMAIL!
Tons of bubbles & seafood, you don’t wanna miss out this one 😉

Fill the world with bubbles!


Before we go back home

Since by the middle of August until September the BackDoor guys will be busy learning a couple of tricks more abroad (soon you’ll got all the details!), chef thought to leave to his guests a good memory of his hometown.

A Roman supperclub inspired to summer and what summer means in the Eternal City when the heat could bring you to Hell but the food could grant a spot in Paradise. It is not our 1ST ROMAN NIGHT ever, but it will be a bit different though.

Thinking of glorious fish and beautifully prepared pasta dishes…? YOU MIGHT BE RIGHT THEN!


What if is going to be a sunny day?!?

This one still needs to be confirmed,


Could this lovely Saturday be the big open air – possibly (let’s say probably) BBQ – event we all are waiting for?

If God, the luck, the Queen, Angela Merkel or whoever you like will give us a warm, bright summer day on that Saturday, the Backdoor Kitchen will move up to north London.
A hint? Hampstead! Another hint? This GUY (not the Chef, the one on the right) is going to help us!

This weekend we’ll go to test out the venue. Can’t tell you more about it 😀
Let’s keep our fingers crossed for now!

…and then what’s next?

Supperclub Summit


The Supperclub Summit

No doubt. This is going to be the foodie event of the year! Let’s start from the press release.
It reads:

“From Chinese home cooking to new natural European, from London, Paris to Berlin, this will be a showcase of the most exciting private dining in Europe. Each night will serve 50 diners only”

The SUPPERCLUB SUMMIT will be the first international event of its kind, the biggest supperclub convention ever seen.
It will bring together exceptional food, different cooking styles and cultures in a truly outstanding and unusual dinner setting.

From the 1st to the 25th of August the empty hall of the newly renovated GOETHE-INSTITUT will host a series of one-off dinners offered by the best of the international private and underground dining scene.



BackDoor Kitchen is in!

Take a look at the MENU we did set up for this incredible night. It will be a mad, delicous, Italian night. We’ll cook up a storm for those 50 people 😀 Oh, almost forgot! The press release reads too:


Stay tuned as the best is yet to come.
And remember:


and follow us

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