Going ‘Fuori Porta’


on Saturday 14/07 at 8.30pm


Fill the world with bubbles!

Summer in Rome can be very hot!

People sweating, looking for their bit of shade in some corner or under the ancient ruins and arches, pavements boiling and melting to tourists’ trainers and the locals going crazy in their cars on fire (sometimes literally).

This is why in summer, especially in July and August, Romans go Fuori Porta (outside the gates of Rome) to enjoy the breeze of the Castelli Romani (the closest countryside villages) or the joys of the seaside which is not that far by car.

Before going back to their native city in the middle of August, the Backdoor Kitchen team thought it would be a nice idea to offer their guests a “bye bye night” with a selection of traditional dishes from the Eternal City with the usual Chef’s creative twist you all know very well.
It is not our 1ST ROMAN NIGHT ever, but it will be a bit different though (YEP, DIFFERENT, THIS IS THE WAY WE LIKE IT!).

The lucky guests who will sit a our table in this last-but-not-least hot, sweaty, gorgeous, tanned (I know, this is optmistic), foodie extravaganza in the Backdoor Kitchen premises, will have the chance to enjoy a 4 COURSES menu inspired by those classic dishes which could feed a Roman when he’s Fuori Porta in need of a break from the bubbling, topsy-turvy “always-running-often-swearing” lifestyle of the beautiful Capital.

And, believe us… when it comes at summertime in the Eternal City, if the heat could send you to Hell, food can always grant you a spot in Paradise.

And now the BackDoor Kitchen proudly

Frittelline di Baccalà

SALT COD FRITTERS served along with chef’s sweet & sour “CACCIATORA” DIPPING SAUCE.

Grigliatina all’Amatriciana

Chargrilled Giant Squid parcels on a basil cream with crispy Guanciale (Roman cured pork cheeks) and slowly baked tomato fillets

Homemade Seabass Ravioloni

With SAUTEED TENDER BROCCOLI and a touch of tomato sauce

Involtini di Manzo ripieni di Tonno e verdurine marinate

Chef’s tuna paste wrapped in thinly cut beef slices and slowly cooked in white wine, served along chargrilled and marinated vegetables.

Secret Dessert

Suggested donation: £25

SATURDAY 14/07 at 8.30pm



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