The Roman project


Just landed in Rome last night. I left London, the bloody Olympics and the crazy British summer behind, brought a camera, a couple of books and a project with me. Oh and an empty suitcase too! ūüėÄ

Interesting days ahead!

I really want to meet my food friends here in Rome, see what’s going on, what’s new (did i miss a lot?), what changed and what didn’t, try and understand my hometown, again, in these 10 days i’ll be around.

First of all, introductions…

I come from a small area, south of Rome, which goes under the name of the Castelli Romani region. Here, since the time of the Roman Emperors, the area is surrounded by the nobles’ villas, beautiful gardens, flourishing olive trees and vineyards. Local cheese, meat and bread producers – who used to pop up along the streets to sell their produces – are pretty much everywhere!

In the past, this area was also part of what went romantically under the name of Campagna Romana (The Roman countryside). These landscapes have been portrayed by tons of painters from all over Europe over the last couple of centuries and were also¬† – actually they still are! – among the favourite spots for Romans to go “fuori porta” and escape from the heat of the Eternal city, especially during the hot summertime.

The cultural and culinary relation¬†between¬†Rome and this area¬†comes as natural as it can be. Here you can find¬†proper decent¬†Frascati wine – not the rubbish they sell in Tescos – real Porchetta, Guanciale, Cacio¬†Romano cheese¬†and so on. In about 10Km distance you can find several wine DOCs and 6 or 7 bread DOPs! There must be a reason for Romans to move their backs and leave the city, a saying goes ūüėČ

The Castelli Romani area is the ancient site where the City of Alba Longa was founded. Romolus and Remus come directly from the royal dinasty of Alba Longa which is closesly linked to the Trojan royal family. My hometown, Castel Gandolfo is allegedly the actual site where the legendary city was centuries ago. So hey…small villages, huge history, great food? Not bad, not bad…

What i see from my home (sorry I’m not Fabio and, i know, I’m crap at vido shooting):

After all this digression, what is the project???

We have a new supperclub on 24/08 and a menu, an uncomplete menu, I intend to finish before going back to London…

HOW WILL I FINISH IT? Meeting friends, chefs, visiting local trattorias, shops and doing a bit of personal research. I hope to get inspired by new trends and get in touch again with my home food culture. MIND YOU! The missing courses on the menu will be posted on this blog regularly.
What should I do with an empty suitcase? I’ll fill it with stuff of course! I’ll bring back spices, food and whatever I like for my 24/08 guests, so they’ll be able to try things that you can only get where Romolus and Remus come from.

Tonight I will be in Castel Gandolfo, dining with family at one my favourite restaurants ever, Bucci!They have a huge terrazza seeing the Albano lake, a volcanic lake which hides parts of the city of Albalonga and whose bottom has never been touched by humans. How romantic uh?

For all of you who didn’t book or see the uncomplete menu yet, here below you can find and see what we have:

Scampi cream and Wild Mushroom Spelt Risotto;
Beef Tagliata with 4 dressing: Salsa Verde, Mint and Yoghurt, Mostarda from Cremona, Tuna and Cannellini Bean;
Secret Dessert

and follow us



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