Our secret foodie extravaganza

Take 12, 13 strangers.
Gather them up around a long wooden table in a cosy flat in South East London (do not forget you need an open plan kitchen for this).

Add a sprinkle of music – mind you, it must be really good -,
a fistful of laughs, just a pinch of curiosity
and set aside for a moment.
Then take plenty of creativity, tradition and Italian blood with a dash of sangre latino.
Blend everything on high for about 30 seconds.

Add a young and talented Chef with glasses who – according to one of our guests – looks like Gregory Corso and then a blue-eyed Slave – who doesn’t really know much about cooking, but has a really fine taste, often comes up with brilliant ideas and is pretty good at a couple of other things.
Let stand for 5 minutes, then slice and serve.

Woop! Do not forget about the wine!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Backdoor Kitchen recipe.




Once you are seated, get ready for a 5 course feast – at least – and there’s always a secret dessert as well!
The food is Mediterranean, of course – inspired by Italian and Spanish cuisine.
It range from traditional regional foodie gems – with Rob’s distinctive, creative and unusual twist – to completely new and exciting mouth-watering experiences.

Most of the dishes will be served in a TAPAS STYLE – on big plates dropped in the middle of the table. It is essentially a style of eating rather than a form of cooking.
We love it as in this way people are “forced” to share the food with the others and to talk to each other.
You know, nice things often come out from this kind of situations. That’s why Spanish are so cool!



We do our shopping from the nearby BOROUGH, MALTBY STREET and BROCKLEY markets – and from small producers back in Italy and Northern Spain.


For a few hours, whoever you are and whatever you do, just leave your problems at the doorstep. The key word at the Backdoot Kichen is TO SHARE. It’s not only about good food and wine: be ready to share a laugh, a thought, a story.
Be ready to make new friends and to end up in endless chats till late while sipping a warm Espresso all’Italiana.
We never kicked anybody out so far and, if we survived the last Italy-England World Cup football match live during a supperclub and another night ended up in a karaoke session, we really are ready for anything. Do you? 😉


The Backdoor Kitchen Dispatch

BDK LOGO negativo

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  3. Hello, I am wondering if you will be having any events over the weekend of 31st July to 3rd August as a group of 3 of us will be visiting London from Dubai and it seems like you have amazing food experiences. Thanks

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