This is pretty much how the story goes


Once upon a time on a London bus going to Victoria station, Fabio and I were talking through our dreams.
The possibility to run a place on my own where I could cook my food and let people enjoy their time was so faraway from us at that time. I remember I was quite pissed off on that bus.
That was the moment when…

…Fabio came up with the word SUPPERCLUB for the first time.
“Everybody else is doing it, why can’t we?” he said to me.

It took us one year to make our lives organised (somehow) in order to kick off the Backdoor Kitchen. We moved from our less-than-25-square-metres studioflat in Paddington to a bigger place in South East London and then we started painting the walls in orange.
That’s how we made that weird new word living in our tiny colourful flat just a few mins from Bermondsey tube station.
By that time none of us ever attended a supperclub before – we didn’t really know what to do -, so we just decided to go with the flow and to do it our way.

Fabio & Rob

The idea has always been one and simple:

…which to me meant offering a new way to taste Italian and Spanish cuisine introducing new recipes, traditional ingredients or just letting our guests try out some regional foodie gems which have never tickled their palates.
To Fabio, the Backdoor Kitchen meant a good chance to play around with his camera during our nights, learn something about cooking and find himself for the first time in the unusual role of house chaperone.
It also meant a lot of washing up, but hey… life’s never easy! (especially if you haven’t got a dishwasher at home)Fabio & Rob octopus

More than one year after our first supperclub night, the BackDoor kitchen is one of the most popular supperclubs in London, and – most of all – we had the chance to find a lot of good friends along the way. We recently started a parallel CATERING/PRIVATE COOKING service and more plans are yet to come.
If we still think that tasting is always the ultimate life experience, we have also learnt that the BackDoor Kitchen is not just a cool and unusual place to enjoy good food and actually is much more than a fun night out: it is about swapping stories, ideas and having a laugh… and there’s always a glass of prosecco on the side.

So bring a bottle and some nice thoughts to share. This is our secret foodie extravaganza!

The Backdoor kitchen is a secret supperclub invented by the perverse minds of Rob, the chef, and Fabio, the slave. All rights reserved.