Amarcord night @the BackDoor Kitchen

Italian Tapas Menu

Saturday 19th of November


Complimentary glass of Prosecco at arrival


Verdure e Formaggi

N1. Parmigiano Reggiano fricos and Capunata mousse

Capunata (this is how they call it in Sicily) is an amazing sweet and sour Mediterranean vegetable salad.
Its origins are unknown, but surely influenced by the historical multiculturalism of the island.
Our Chef gives to it a new texture and serves it in a crispy handmade Parmesan nest.

N2. Restructured Caprese salad

One of the simplest Italian dishes from Southern Italy is going under refurbishment.

N3. Polenta toast with Gorgonzola cream & honey

Grilled Polenta – ground cornmeal from Northern Italy – wedges
filled with the famous Italian blue cheese sprinkled with honey (yes, this one is Italian too) 



N4. Sardinian Fregola pasta with char-grilled scallops in a rosemary emulsion

Fregola is a tiny variety of pasta. The small grain consistency allows every sauce to be absorbed perfectly.
The plan is to make it very saucy.

N5. Pan fried squid with Bronte pistachio cream and citrus zest

The “Green Gold” of Sicily is this unique sweet, delicate, aromatic pistachio nut.
Traditionally used for patisserie purposes, it is facing seafood in this recipe. A Chef’s challenge.

N6. Mussel and prawn sautee bruschetta

One of the favourite Chef’s dishes (to eat, not to cook), it usually comes in huge bowls.
How to reinvent a dish that for our Chef means perfection as it is?



N7. Saltimbocca alla Romana

Saltimbocca literally means “Jump in the mouth”.
It is a recipe from Rome and one of Chef’s most vivid memories of his Grandma.
Chicken fillet with cheese, Mora Romagnola top quality cured ham from Emilia Romagna and crispy sage leaves.

N8. Lardo di Colonnata on homemade Piadina

Lardo di Colonnata is not just pork’s fat. In fact it is pork’s fat aged in famous Carrara marble cases and massaged with rocky salt and spices. Nothing else to add on but some homemade flat thin crispy bread inspired by Emilia-Romagna piadina

N9. Flambee duck on a grilled radicchio bed dressed with an Aleatico wine reduction

Our Chef will use the famous bitter red lettuce from Veneto (Treviso) as a bed for one of his favourite dishes (to cook and to eat): duck fillet cooked in a reduction of  delectable Aleatico wine from Southern Italy.



N10. Chef’s surprise

Suggested donation:£22
Dress code (optional): Fellinian style, long scarves, large brims hat, cool men suits,elegant women dresses.

For any information or booking contact us at:

A few rules of the house:
We run a BYO “bring your own bottle policy” which is laso known as the more you bring over the more you drink and share.
Please tell us of any allergy you suffer or diet you are currently following with at least 3 days notice  before the event.
We support a “Tip as you like” spirit at the end of the every meal.
We like our guests to be in time.

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