The unbearable lightness of tapas!

Tapear originally means covering with bread or some sort of simple snack a glass of wine or any other drink so to prevent dust and insects to enter the glass but also to ease the effects of alcohol on customers with something to eat. Today tapear means the action of eating whilst socializing, small bites and long chats, all washed up with fine wine.

Taking from this concept we will travel through two landmarks of food, Italy and Spain, and we will go to the tapeo on:

SATURDAY 19th of November – AMARCORD night – Italian tapas: a journey through our chef’s childhood memories and new experimentations, putting together 10 recipes which are a mix of regional ingredients, secret tips and creativity.

SATURDAY 26th of November- SANGRE Y ARENA night- Spanish tapas: 10 dishes inspired by regional recipes and ingredients of the flavourful spanish Cocina, and re-invented by our chef!  A unique selection of unknown products, passion and modern cooking.


For booking or further deatails please contact us at:

A few rules of the house:
We run a BYO (bring your bottle) policy. We suggest a donation for the menu. We support a TIP as you like policy. We need to know of any allergy you suffer or any particular diet you are following at least 4 days before the event.
All the details of the venue will be revealed before the event. We like our guests to come in time.



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