Paint it Orange!

Some of the most controversial issues when you move to a new place are all about what you need to change to make it yours. Shall i buy some furniture? Shall i sort out the garden? Shall i repaint the walls? OK, let’s stop here. In fact, when you move to a new flat and decide to turn it into a supper club in one month time, probably the issue of the issues is not “what shall i do?” but “how i need to do it”. So i found myself struggling with choices and living the “Grand Design” dream with an Hamletian spirit. In this specific case my “to be or not to be” dilemma came out as “what colour shall i paint the walls with?”.

I was genuinely up for an electric blue whilst Fabio (pictured in yellow t-shirt), who is helping me out in this journey, was thinking of dark green. Lost and completely unable to pick a firm decision, we asked the experts. First we asked Leo who honestly said:”if you get the colour wrong, everybody will hate your food”. Not really handy, is it? So we passed through Emilio, a brilliant enologist who came over for dinner a couple of weeks ago (the dinner highlights will be posted soon), whose wife is a chromatist and he sounded like that:“do it whatever colour you want but never never never make it green, it makes people depressed about food”. Ok, that was more helpful, at least we knew what to avoid.

We were ending up with some sort of red, when my friend Claire who is a web designer sent me this message: “Magnolia is your colour. Relaxing, soft but with personality: you need people to feel comfortable with their dining ambient”. Relaxing, bright, soft colours: red is not really the choice, is it? So we stopped the scarlet project, sat down and started thinking again. We didn’t want people freaking out at the walls, of course, neither we needed a steady Tea room atmosphere though. It was still a pop-underground-counter cultural foodie something what we wanted to make out of this flat.

That is when Leo (pictured) popped out with this restaurant design article titled “The future is orange”. We looked at the walls, looked at each other, looked at Leo. No need to say the future was going to be orange for all of us as well. The future was going to be “Orange – African Adventure n.5” actually. And even though Claire received the news with a dry “Orange makes me think of wooden African masks and safari”, we all think this is the best colour the BDK could have possibly been born in.


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