SANGRE Y ARENA – Spanish tapas night @ the BackDoor Kitchen

Spanish Tapas Menu

Saturday 3rd of December


Complimentary glass of Homemade Sangrìa to make the fiesta started


Verduras y Queso

N1. Gazpacho mousse con virutas de queso de Los Cameros 

What  if the traditional Spanish summer soup became a mousse to be spooned with shavings of a wonderful hard goat’s cheese from La Rioja?

N2. Croquetas de peras y queso de Cabrales

Cabrales is a strong, creamy blue cheese from Asturias. Nutty, piquant and pleasant, it best goes with sweet flavours…as pears…

N3. Queso Manchego con Membrillo de la casa

The only things to be said are: award winning “Best Manchego cheese 2010” along with Homemade quince jelly

N.4 Tortilla nuevisìma

Oven baked potato, layered with thin omelettes and filled with red onion foam…the legendary Spanish tapas icon goes under refurbishment.



N5. Arroz con navajas y crema de pimientos

Chef thought of Paella, then said:”Easy, everybody does Paella for a Spanish night”. So here you are: saffron rice, secret red sweet peppers cream and razor clams all in one dish!

N6. Pulpe a la Gallega

Chef’s favourite tapa ever. A few changes from the traditional Galician recipe and we are ready to go!



N7. Chorizo frito al Vino (2.0)

Top quality chorizo sausage slowly cooked in Rioja red wine and laid on a tempting wine jelly. Did you ever try this version? Suerte!

N8. Ensalada de hinojo marinado y cabeza de Jabalì

Yes, cabeza it is the spanish for head. Infact we are talking about heads, but no worries senoritas, this wildboar cold cut from Northern Spain is something so tasty, rare and unusual that its thin slices will just melt in your mouth before you can possibly think of what is made from.

N9. Conejo guisado con vino blanco, aceitunas y almendras

Roasted rabbit in a white wine sauce with olive and almond. It speaks itself, doesn’t it?



N10. Chef’s surprise

Someone was talking about homemade churros in the kitchen, but i might have got it wrong 😉

Suggested donation:£22
Dress code (optional): what makes Spain folklore will be more than welcome. We haven’t got room for bulls though.

For any information or booking contact us at:


A few rules of the house:
We run a BYO “bring your own bottle policy” which is laso known as the more you bring over the more you drink and share.
Please tell us of any allergy you suffer or diet you are currently following with at least 3 days notice  before the event.
We support a “Tip as you like” spirit at the end of the every meal.
We like our guests to be in time.

One response to “SANGRE Y ARENA – Spanish tapas night @ the BackDoor Kitchen

  1. I’d love to know more about your events and come. I’m a Spanish speaker though not fluent. I’d love to relish the food, company and conversation. Please keep me posted. Are there spaces left for this Saturday 26th November? Thanks William

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