Calabrian nights


The BackDoor Kitchen has been recently joined by a new entry. Assunta came in a couple of weeks ago. She lives in Rome but originally she’s from the south, form Calabria, the “toe of the boot”. Since Assunta “decided” to be part of our secret foodie extravaganza everything has changed. Her positive attitude, dynamic spirit and funny sayings cheered up our spirit so much that we already know we’re gonna miss her a lot when she will leave at the beginning of May to go back to Italy and complete her studies. Our new entry: Assunta!

Chef thought to exploit the opportunity of having Assunta here in order to get all her childhood foodie memories to the Backdoor services and create an original menu inspired to the amazing Calabrian cuisine. This supperclub is our way to say thanks to Assunta for all the help so far, and the best way to keep on exploring our regional Italian cuisine series.When you cook the Calabrese way you have to think of rustic, family dishes, colours, fresh ingredients, rich aromas and no shy flavours.  that’s what we thought and tried to express in our menu…and now, ladies and gentleman, we present you a traditional Calabrian inspired supperclub.

Complimentary glass of prosecco


Supplì di zucca, pepe rosa, ‘nduja e mozzarella– deep-fried rice balls filled with butternut squash cream, pink pepper, soft spicy Calabrian salame and mozzarella.

Peperoni ripieni con mousse “alla Calabrese” – Mini sweet peppers stuffed with a tuna, caper, anchovy mousse.

Gnocchi di ricotta, melanzane, salsiccia piccante, pomodoro e basilico – Ricotta and flour dumplings with an aubergine, tomato, basil and spicy sausage sauce.

Polenta verde con cozze e pecorino – Green broccoli polenta with sauteed mussels and Pecorino cheese.

Polpette al vino con pecorino e finocchi – pork meatballs slowly cooked in white wine, topped with Pecorino Sardo cheese and served with braised fennel.


Secret dessert – Chef will decide 🙂

Suggested donation: £25

Dinner starts at 20:30 on Saturday 07/04

A few rules of the house

We run a BYO (bring your own bottle) policy which is the more you bring the more you drink, the more you share with your table mates.

We support a “Tip as you like” spirit at the end of the dinner.

We can cope with allergies and dietary requirements only if told with at least 3 days notice before the event.

Guests are kindly asked to turn up on time. Lateness is not polite to the other guests and the dwarf gets really grumpy about it.


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