After praising, among the others, the multietnichity of SICILIAN DISHES, tasting the burning spiciness of CALABRESE CUISINE, taking comfort from TUSCAN DELICACIES and celebrating the feasts of VENETIAN CICCHETTI – along with tons of Prosecco bubbles! -, the Italian regional cuisine series comes back at your favourite backdoor with a new stunning season ahead.
New regions to discover, more recipes to cook and produces to use in our usual modern but hearty style. Our next port of call is one of chef’s favourite regions when it comes to eating around:



A beautiful piece of Italy grown amongst the stunning scenario of the White Alps and carrying along a troubled past. An independent region within the Italian Republic, Trentino-Alto Adige is composed by two micro communities: the lower half – originally belonging to the pre-Italian states – and the upper half, belonging to the Austro-Hungarian empire and, back in time, to the Austrian empire and to the Holy Roman Empire.
This is why this upper bit – which is known by most of the Italians as ALTO ADIGE – region on the upper side of the Adige river – it is called by the locals and by the Austrians South Tyrol as a natural southern part of the independent Austrian region of Tyrol.
This is why the natives speak both Italian and German in Alto Adige, always looking at their roots with a bit of nostalgia, and never forgetting their original language, the Ladin which is taught in schools and it is used as a first language amongst the locals.

Being at the border with other countries and influenced by these different cultures, makes TRENTINO-ALTO ADIGE the perfect meeting point of the heavy wintery succulent German and Austrina cuisine with an Italian twist. So you can find beautiful Goulasch dishes served on polenta as well as local gnocchi sautéed with speck (air dried smoked ham) and cabbage.

This sensational mix gives us the possibility to try an incredible a fusion into a fusion and pick from this heavily traditional gastronomy some of the most astonishing dishes to warm our guest’s bodies and souls.
And now signori e signore, meine damen und herren it’s our pleasure to present you


| COMPLIMENTARY GLASS OF VINE BRULE | traditional Alto Adige version of Mulled Wine;

| CARNE SALADA | Homemade slightly dry-cured beef spiced with juniper berries and dressed with finely chopped picled gherkins and crispy onions;

| VELLUTATA DI BORLOTTI IN CROSTA DI PANE | Borlotti cream soup with Italian sausage and herbs served in a wholemeal bread cup;

| CANEDERLI AL FORMAGGIO | Homemade Canederli (tradional bread balls) stuffed with Emmenthal cheese, Fontina cheese and coated in Parmesan cheese cream;

| RAVIOLONE SPECK E SALSA ROSA | Giant ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinach sauteed with speck ham, sage and dressed with homemade salsa rosa sauce;

| COSCIA D’AGNELLO E POLENTA CON GORGONZOLA | Lamb shank slowly roasted with carrot, onion and celery and dressed with homemade Italian herb butter and a restriction of red wine, and laid on a bed of creamy Gorgonzola cheese polenta;

| DESSERT | hint buckwheat is something huge in the Trentino-Alto Adige region;

The date is FEBRUARY, THE 24th – 8pm
and now go and BOOK YOUR SEAT


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