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As chef just landed in London, back from Rome with a suitcase full of food and new ideas, more supperclubs are planned and a lot is to celebrate for the BackDoor guys in September.

Last September we were blogging about how to phisically build up an underground restaurant in your home. So main topics were pots, pans,  random swearing at long night passed assembling Swedish wooden stuff and some food relief. This blog was actually opened last September after that Chef passed a whole day in a cafè breaking his mind to pieces to find a right, catching, not too much Italian name (names like Lo Stivale, Buonissimo, Mammamia, La Gondola got discarded in no time for example) to label his foodie adventure with Fabio. Something secret, something that it is not coming from a professional kitchen, something where people can feel free to express themselves and feel home with friends and that, most of all, doesn’t belong to stereotypes (again Gondoliere style hats, Pulcinella masks and Ancient Roman customes were discarded in no time).
Courgette and Coppa Caponata with poached egg

The BackDoor Kitchen came out from the coffee aroma and the Oxford dictionary. Since then almost one year has passed now. I will save you from the usual “we feel young as ever”, “we celebrate one year of quality and good food”, we blah blah blah non sense something. We feel old, we are getting old, the babies are growing up and soon they’ll leave the nest (shoot! we haven’t got babies….!). Stop the romance, one year’s gone (almost) and youKNOWwhat? We wanna have fun! We wanna drink and laugh and eat loads and we want you to do the same with us. We started from zero: no name, no connections, no business cards, no pretty logo, no anything and we now have something which we are proud of. We cook the way we want and people (most of them) like it!


It has been also thanks to the lovely reviews we got and i speak of Selina on the Upcoming Magazine, Mulia on her blog, Wen on Goingwithmygut, Shu aka the Hungry Female and of course Will who has been our first review (and you never forget your first time :D). It has been obviously thanks to the friends we made on the way: i can mention Lyn, Giulia, Simone, Andrew and his lovely wife, Zaf (;D), Amir, Chiara (who also made our first ever logo) and Francesco who came for the first ten nights non-stop (!) and all the others i forgot.

Special mention to Colleen who will always be and actually is our wine girl!

Anyway before we all  start crying and telling each other stories about our childhood and what good and nice boys and girls we were (i certainly was), we better put these nostalgic memories in the drawer grannies!

We are celebrating this BackDoor kitchen year outloud, so everybody put your hands in the air and say “I’ll book one of the events listed below! YEAH!”

SPANISH cuisine faces ITALIAN in a one night fight (hope it’s not gonna end up as in the last European football final :/)

We team up with Ana and Teresa from Flavours of Spain for an Italo-Espanol supperlclub to support the Action Against Hunger charity. This means that all the profits of the night and extra donations made by guests will go in charity! So come people come, we still have a few tickets left. It’s for the good and i guess it’s also for the food 😉 Highlights of the night:

Ana’s Cups of  Serrano ham with Best Manchego Cheese 2010, 2011 & 2012 in Spain and Egg

Rob’s  Insalata di Ceci e Orata – chickpea and seabream salad marinated in wine vinegar, white wine, basil and parsley

For more details and to book click here !

September 16 th 7pm £35 Remember that it is for a good cause!

serrano ham and manchego muffin

A Roman inspired supperclub with produces and recipes from Rome to celebrate Rob’s birthday

Some people go dining out for their birthday, some others stay in, some others go to friends’ or get friends coming over. Rob likes to host supperclubs. So come with gifts and wine and let’s celebrate together! Highlights of the night

Abbacchio scottadito alla menta – Roman style oven baked lamb, marinated with two kind of mint varieties that naturally grow in the surroundings of Rome

Cestini di ciauscolo, lenticchie e formaggio – puff pastry baskets filled with a  flavoursome sausage, Umbrian lentils, soft cheese and thyme

September 29th 8:30pm £29

For more details and bookings click here


In the next post a new Chef’s video projectproject, Fabio supperclubs mini-doc series and the BackDoor Kitchen’s 1st birtday!

In the meantime…

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