Covent Garden here we come


Caribbeans, France, Mauritius, Japan, Spain, Malaysia, Philippines, Italy, China, Singapore, India, Peru. What all these nations have in common? An amazing home food culture which gathers family together around a table, for hours, chatting, laughing, having fun, just to catch up each other at the end of the day. What else do these nations have in common? They are all represented by a supperclub here in London and they are all going to showcase their cuisine in the central London main supperclub event “Sunday Feasts”, organised by online food experiences platform Edible Experiences founders and host by School of Wok, in Covent Garden.

Selina from Yummychooeats, Lyn & Barry from Budaya Kusina to Goz & Jason from PlusSixFive and Cherry from FeedTheTang, all the main London supperclubs (we have our date as well) have been lined up. After the European Supperclub Summit festival at Goethe Institut, this is gonna be the biggest supperclub reunion ever in London. Last Tuesday we had the event press conference and it was loud, crowdy and complete crazy fun. Meeting all this awful bunch cooking and prepping and laughing has been just great.

What is the Sunday Feasts mission?

Introduce you people to the world of supperclubs, to that warm friendly always familiar atmosphere and give an authentic Family Sunday Feast from the nations we are originally from. I will come over and help out few fellow supperclubs: hopefully i’ll be able to shoot som insights from these supperclub nights. Sweat, blood, swearing in different languages, laugh, tears and drunkness…the usual stuff i guess:P I came and helped out the friends from Budaya Kusina and hey man! if i was worried on how hard could have been reproduced a supperclub atmosphere in a 30 people ambient, i now have no doubt that this is perfectly possible, running like headless chickens but having the same crazy fun. It was actually the best supperclub i ever witnessed!

So people, we are in the Sunday Feasts programme as well on October 21st!

And we present a typical hearty, hardcore, spice up your Mama as she knows what’s the best for you, homemade Italian food rave. See the menu just down here and lick your lips in a sensual way please 😀

One very last thing on October 21st we also celebrate our 1st birthday as a supperclub so make the night fully booked asap and bring a lot of booze!

Polpette di Acciughe AKA arghhh!
Deep-fried balls stuffed with anchovy, potato, pecorino cheese and parsley. As deep-fried stuff is the essence of every Italian feast!
Contains: fish, dairy, egg, garlic, wheat flour

Polenta verde e cozze AKA awww!
Homemade green broccoli polenta topped with sautéed mussels and Ricotta Salata cheese. As Polenta is traditional communal dish all across Italy, chef’s giving it to you with an unusual chromatic twist!
Contains: seafood, diary, polenta flour, chilli, garlic

Mini Lasagna Trevigiana AKA slurp!
Homemade mini Lasagne layered with a Radicchio, gorgonzola and mascarpone cheese cream. As Lasagna is the iconic Italian family feast diva. This is the first ever lasagna showcased in a supperclub menu by chef, God knows how much time it took everybody to convince him!
Contains: egg, flour, dairy

Risotto Romano n.47  AKA wtf!!
A “Cacio e Pepe” (Pecorino romano, Parmesan and black pepper) style squid ink risotto surrounded by a restructured Amatriciana sauce, made from a bed of fresh basil cream and caramelised cherry tomato and red onion, and crispy Guanciale (Roman cured pig’s cheeks) . One of Chef’s much adored ” babies” inspired to the flavours of the Roman cuisine.

Porchetta dei Castelli AKA ohhhhhh!
A succulent, luscious, crackling pork belly stuffed with herbs and spices and cooked for hours, served along roasted veg and salsa verde. A traditional street party dish from chef’s hometown made carefully following a secret family recipe. This dish featured on our first supperclub menu.
Contains: pork, garlic

Secret dessert(s)!!!!!! AKA take me out of here 😉

Sign the date: we cook on October 21st!

And watch the “Sunday Feasts” trailer as if i cook, Fabio is shooting all the amazing supperclubs in town joining the club! And he’s bloody good at it!

SUNDAY FEASTS 2012 from Fabio Forin on Vimeo.

Watch your back as we might be cooking next to your door dudes!

In the meantime…

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