A Seafood dream before Christmas

Hei there! It has been a while after our last post in here. Lots of stuff has been going on in the last couple of months, but now it’s time to get back on the grind. Some of you already know: the Backdoor Kitchen is back! 😀

Wow… Yes, we are back on the track and we did it with a very-quickly-fully-booked night that will take place this weeknd, but we are already thinking about what’s gonna happen next! Christmas is getting closer and here at the Backdoor Kitchen HQ we thought to make a “Christmas Eve-rehearsal” out of OUR LAST 2012 SUPPERCLUB for you all.


It is bloody brilliant, isn’t it?! I happened to find out about | HUGLEIKUR DAGSSON |’s illustrations on | REYKJAVIK BOULEVARD |, a really cool magazine and webzine that promotes artists and their talent (go and check it out!). Hugleikur – HOOLIGAN to his english speaking friends – is the most popular cartoonist in Iceland and here I do quote Reykjavik (which is probably the trickiest word to spell for me :D) Boulevard:  “It’s something ironic, rude, violent, funny, stereotyped and original all together. VM18, so you’d better watch out”.

Yes, you can call that promotion 😀 BUT LET’S GO BACK TO CHRISTMAS!

As you probably know, people in Rome feel the 24th December in a very special way. It’s really a huge thing back home. Perhaps even bigger than Christmas day itself. Since we moved to London, 3 years ago, I’ve never – yes, it’s Fabio here – missed a single Christmas eve dinner back to Rome with family, but chef has so there is also a bit of nostalgia going on.

When it comes to the 24th December, there are no Christmas party seats booked six or eight weeks in advance or such thing in out country. We simply don’t do it this way.

To Italians, Xmas’ Eve and Xmas’ Day mean home. Across all over the country – no region, no city excluded – families and friends gather up around long, messy and noisy tables literally covered with plenty of food, wine, red candles, generally a iffy-taste tablecloth and sweets. No meat allowed though or you’ll go straight to hell! (Hey! At the end of the day we are a Catholic country, at least when it comes to the traditions, aren’t we?!). In Rome this also means a very clever way to play around with ingredients and make the most out of the prohibition aka a strictly fish and seafood feast on the night of the 24th 😉

So, there you go:

S E A F O O D !

Rob’s most beloved ingredient as well, both when he is wearing the chef jacket and when he is seated at the table ready to eat :O

Ladies & Gentlemen, get ready to set on a series of traditional Christmas’ Eve Roman recipes with our unique twist and brand new creations – we are experimenting a lot these evenings guys, great things happening around our kitchen island!

We bet you know very well the house rules: the policy is bring your bottle along with a big smile! Need any wine suggestion? Well, Prosecco is the key word for this one folks. So bring your bottle, we’ll bring ours 😉

Ok, now you are wondering: “So what about this ‘series of traditional Christmas’ Eve Roman dishes?”. Yes, you are totally right. Cut the crap, show us the menu! Ok, ok! Here it is:


| POLPO ALLA GIUDIA | Octopus, Romand mint and deep-fried artichoke salad;

| TARTARE DI VERDURE E CAPESANTE | Pumpkin, cauliflower and courgette tartare topped with chargrilled scallop and dressed with homemade basil flavoured extra-virgin olive oil;

| QUENELLE DI SALMONE | Ricotta cheese and smoked salmon, all sauteed with mushroom and thyme;

| LASAGNA DI MARE | Homemade squid ink lasagna sheets layered with prawn, scallp crab meat, mascarpone cheese, a touch of tomato sauce and just a hint of chili pepper.

| COD SALTIMBOCCA | Cod fillet wrapped in pancetta coppata – cured pork loin and belly – slowly cooked in wine and served on a bed of cannellini bean and sage;

| DESSERT | ? (yep guys, that’s a secret!)

Bookings are already open, so what you’re waiting for? Santa?! If you want to join the merry Backdoor Kitchen guys and their mistletoey guests (i just made this up) on the 15th December, just drop us an email or go straight to GRAB YOUR SEAT.

It would be great to close
and celebrate this smashing 2012 with you all : )

Ciao ciao,

Rob & Fabio, aka The Chef & The Slave.


The Backdoor Kitchen Dispatch

BDK LOGO negativo

Woop! Almost forgot! We got a MENTION ON TRIPADVISOR‘s Italian site! Yohooo!



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