From Emilia to Apulia: the revolutionary wave of Italian wines


Our food and wine journey with Aubert&Mascoli and the lovely, recently appointed an honorary member of our foodie extravaganza under the name of the wine girl“, Colleen continues as she’ll lead us to the discovery of the most interesting Italian natural wines of Central and Southern Italy in a new wine tasting/supperclub night event.

If on Saturday 11/02/2012 the great company, who joined us, had the chance to taste the most unusual and outstanding natural wines from some of the popular and legendary Italian regions of wine (Piedmont, Tuscany and Friuli-Venezia-Giulia) which are most Northern and North-central Italy, the next gang of foodie rioters will be invited to go a bit further south and enjoy the punk era of Italian winemaking along with great regional dishes.

The formula is about the same: 3 mains, dessert, wine tasting tutored by Aubert&Mascoli, free extra TopUps of each wine tasted during the dinner. Suggested donation: £32 and whatever tip you wanna leave if you loved chef’s cooking skills as much as we do.

And now, let us introduce the menu:

Lambrusco e pop corn!

Gnocco fritto, cipolline al balsamico e cotechino con crema di parmigiano reggiano 30 mesi- homemade cotechino (traditional slowly boiled pork sausage), baby onions cooked in balsamic vinegar of Modena and secret 30 months old Parmesan Cheese cream along with a deep fried pizza dough you can use either as bread or stuff it with all these delicacies!

It will be served with a sparkling, dry, fruity red Lambrusco which really carries on the legacy of outstanding Emilia-Romagna Lambrusco and that rarely and sadly come to the UK audience to try out.

Guazzetto di mare – a traditional dish from Naples which is rock baby octopus, squid and prawn slowly cooked with fresh tomato, black olives and parsley.

It will be served along with a mineral, vegetal, full bodied, dry white from Campania which develops its flavours on the hostile slopes of the Vesuvium volcano.

a Braciola co’ e richhietedde di fianco – traditional dish from Bari, kindly suggested by our Apulian friend LaGianna, which is herbs, pecorino cheese and pancetta gently wrapped in beef and pork thin slices and cooked in red wine and tomato sauce and served along with traditional ear shape pasta from Apulia.

Tasting will see a biodynamic Primitivo trying to match this dish. Full bodied, spicy, earthy, juicy and complex, this red wine is one of the flagship of this region which is doing enormous steps forward in terms of winemaking, acquiring an always growing market share as Italy as well as abroad.

Secret Dessert – what chef will be making this time?

The event starts at 8:30pm with a brief introduction to wine tasting and natural wines.

Suggested donation: £32 including 3 main courses, dessert, wine tasting session and free extra top ups of each wine!

A few rules of the house:

We need 3 days notice, at least, to deal with any allergy or specific dietary requirements. So, if you have any, please let us know asap.

We support a “Tip as you like” spirit at the end of each dinner.

Guest are kindly asked to turn up on time. It’s not polite to the other guests and it makes the dwarf very grumpy.


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