A natural wine dwarf

Observer Food Montlhy award winner Maltby Street traders community is the very last word in London for good quality food and wine . On the street, under the arches, there is “40 Maltby Street“: the former warehouse now bistrot/hub where traders rest from the day and old and new names of the industry (south of the river, at least) meet every Saturday to talk about the latest news of the business along with a good chat, few glasses of wine and good rustic food.

With one week to go to our great food&wine matching event, it happened to our chef and to the dwarf to be in Maltby Street as they met Colleen from Aubert&Mascoli to taste wines and define the latest details about those which are on tasting for our guests on Saturday 11/02 (few sposts still available!) and that we briefly explain below.

Quite a newcomer on the scene, Maltby Street is a small market/community both at a local human dimension and at a high produce quality level. As the dwarf suddenly got friendly to the atmosphere and to most of the people passing by our table, chef and Colleen started thinking about wines and these are the three hidden gems featuring the night:

the Brut and the Beast 2010 Valli Unite – Piedmont: from the union of 15 families who brought teogether the best of their skills the Valli Unite project took life with the intent of creating a self-sufficient community based only on natural products. This slightly sparkling, appley, almost cidery, white is delicate with soft bubbles which caress your palate as well as your senses. A natural wine made from interesting local varieties, no SO2 added.

Pinogrìs Marco Sara- Friuli Venezia Giulia: Marco and his wife are a young couple who decided to get back to the very essence of their region, North-east of Italy, near the Slovenian border, and live a natural life. He produces biodynamic wines on this unique Marl terroir with outstanding results such as this Pinot gris which shortly remains in touch with the skins during the vinification. The deep colour with pinkish reflections is just the first sign of a wine with character: aromatic, fruity, complex, this wine is perfect on its own or along with regional dishes.

Pinot Nero 2007 Macea – A minuscule estate in the kingdom of Sangiovese. Antonio and Cipriano found the right conditions to grow biodynamic Pinot Noir in this region of Tuscany, near the city of Lucca. Structured, elegant, fruity, juicy and reminiscent of spices, this red can fight head held high against the more popular French cousins.

As the day was fading away in Maltby Street and traders were packing heading home, we felt both welcome in this whole new bunch of faces, names and stories, and proud to support those wines and such incredible people.

With the dwarf being one of the most successful attractions of the evening, and the night ended up with snow ball fights and more wine, food and great new friends and company, we will surely be back to Maltby Street for more adventures.

Special mention: a bit hangover and quite thrilled by the night, we all woke up in a beautiful white world.


Next event: “A food&wine matching supperclub with Aubert&Mascoli” on Saturday 11/02. Contact us for booking, more info or whatever you want to share with us!


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