From Piedmont to Tuscany: the aristocracy of Italian wines



When we met Colleen from Aubert & Mascoli at one of our suppers, we immediately realised a great friendship was about to start. This friendship developed in the organisation of this food/wine matching event, hopefully one of many more. The guys at Aubert & Mascoli offer an outstanding range of niche French and Italian wines from top small winemakers with a stress on courageous styles of vinification,  unusual grapes growning, organic and biodynamic. A few unique bottles with a story behind each label.

For this first themed night, chef chose three wines from the great wine regions of Italy: Piedmont, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia and Tuscany. We will move from the North-West of Italy with a slighlty sparkling, appley organic white made from local grape varieties to the far North-East to find the most unusual Pinot Gris: full bodied, fruity, rich, intense, a winner. Our journey will end up in Tuscany and it will be not for a Sangiovese but, hold yourself to your seats, for a Pinot Noir: a splendid, velvety, spicy Tuscan newcomer.

The event will include a wine tasting session lead by the Aubert&Mascoli staff, three region inspired main courses and a dessert and a few top ups of the wine you tasted which are offered by the BackDoor.

And now, the BackDoor Kitchen proudly presents you THE DINNER:

Glass of Brut and the Beast 2010 from Piedmont

Gnocchetti alla Verbetana con cozze – Traditional homemade Italian herbs gnocchi with fresh mussels


Glass of Pinogrìs Marco Sara 2009 from Friuli-Venezia-Giulia

Giambars e polenta – Char-Grilled Polenta with giant prawns sauteed in white wine and wrapped in San Daniele Ham


Glass of Pinot Nero Menacea 2007 from Tuscany

Porchetta e verdurine – Slowly roasted pork belly stuffed with spices served along with veg, homemade spicy apple jam and Tuscan green sauce, chef’s secret family recipe.


Dessert – Chef’s surprise


Suggested Donation: £32

Start time: 8,45 pm

The wine tasting as well as all the wines are provided by Aubert & Mascoli.

The event will include a wine tasting session, three mains and a dessert, and wine top ups offered by the BackDoor Kitchen

Please tell use of any allergy you suffer with at least 3 days notice before the event.

We encourage a “Tip as you like spirit” at the end of the dinner.

For more info:


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