One year of Roman cuisine in London!

As we have a new Pope, it’s not possible to forget about our beloved hometown Rome!
In April, well past the Easter break, we celebrate one year of our most popular nights: the Roman supperclubs. As true Romans in Bermondsey we offer you an experience to die for: a traditional Roman Easter breakfast at night.

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When, in February 2012, i decided to bring our Italian regional cuisine to our hometown, Rome, the menu making was an absolutely intense brainstorming in order to showcase the best of our home cuisine respecting the BDK spirit of innovation and creativity on every recipe. We came up with an awful amount of courses but we thought it would have real fun, especially for the guests, not much for Fabio dish washing afterwards.

Our Roman menu was a complete success. Amongst our guest that night there was a true greedy Italian and a popular London food blogger nowadays, Mulia, who felt in love with our Vacanze Romane dinner escape as much as we fell in love with her enthusiastic review.

The BDK’s Roman nights are now a pleasant spin off to our Italian regional cusine series that we like to repeat regularly amongst our supperclub events. We can also just say that i’m really happy as tickets sell out at the speed of light!


The “Roman nights” series is also a heartfelt continuum to our food research here at the Backdoor Kitchen HQ. Whenever i think of a new Roman menu i keep in mind what the guys from the Roman Supperclub, based in the Eternal City, told me when i met them months ago: what Roman cuisine misses out on is a voice across the Empire borders, someone who is able to stand up as a champion for this amazing, but very simple and poor cuisine, able to bring it to the next level.


If Emilia-Romagna found its fortunes in all its emigrants who came to London decades ago bringing Lasagne, Tagliatelle, Ravioli, bolognese and Parmesan cheese, and if Campania and Sicily found their fortunes in all those emigrants who landed in the New World with their cannolis, maccheroni pasta, spaghetti and tomato sauce, Roman cuisine never had the chance to hit the spot properly, both for lack of market and for an inner lazyness which is typical in the average Roman people.

Not that i pretend to be the “champion of Roman cuisine in London” but when i cook Roman style, i like to think that what i will serve is something never tasted before which surprisingly unites the familiar rustic heartiness which makes the core of Roman dishes with a modern style which combines and offering my childhood food memories and flavours with my London food experience.


Hoping to put the light again on the beauty of the cuisine of our city, we decided to celebrate one year of Roman nights with a special menu which tells you all about a real Roman Easter breakfast! On Easter day Romans use to have huge breakfast with salamis, cheese, veggies, wine, bread and desserts. My Nonna liked to tell me this story about men in my hometown, just at the border of Rome, going to someone else’s house, just before the Mass, to eat at 8am in the morning Coratella coi Carciofi (lamb giblets stew with artichoke) and eventually having an even heavier Easter feast. We won’t let you die stuffed of Roman food but ladies and gents, check out his new menu and book your spot as when in Bermondsey you gotta do as the Romans do!

We’ll reproduce our breakfast experience at night, of course, and since we’d like you to come in great number to celebrate with us, we kept the price just about the same as last year first Roamn night but adding on another course…We can’t help ourselves, sorry!

By the way, i just inherited an old family cake and dessert recipe book, so that’s the hint for our Secret Dessert



| COMPLIMENTARY GLASS OF FRASCATI WINE | i mean a real proper Frascati wine from Rome not a supermarket cheap “Simply Crap something” you might be thinking of right now;

| CORALLINA E PECORINO MARINATO | A traditonal board with homemade preserved Pecorino Romano cheese marinated in herbs and Corallina salame, a must on each Roman table during Easter time;

| MUFFIN FAVE E PECORINO | Broadbean and Pecorino cheese are a classic for Romans to be consumed during springtime when you go outdoor with family and friends. Chef gives his twist serving warm mini broadbean and Pecorino muffins laced with Coppa di Testa, one of Roman quintessential cured meat delicacies;

| PIZZA E FICHI | Homemade thin Roman style pizza filled with Mortadella and fresh figs. A must as much as posing gladiators outside the Coliseum;

| MILLEFOGLIE DI PROVATURA E ALICI | Provatura is the Roman version of Mozzarella, usually perfect partner to anchovies. Shipped directly from Rome it is served on a potato millefeuille topped with cherry tomato, anchovy and black olives. A feast for Ceasars;

| CARBONARA 2.0 | Carbonara is not a sauce, it’s more of a lifestyle. Usually the Carbonara Sauce is made out of cheese, beaten eggs and pasta starch. It is an incredible balance of textures and it cannot be jarred…just saying, IT CANNOT BE JARRED! We offer an inside out of this recipe making Giant Ravioli pasta stuffed Cacio e Pepe style (ricotta, Parmesan and Pecorino) with an egg yolk n the middle and served with crispy guanciale and onion. The idea is that when you cut through it you will feel like Janet Leigh in Psycho;


| BROCCOLO INCOPPATO | King of the Roman table from Autumn to early Spring, the Romanescoo cauliflower is a supertasty, versatile veggie friend. We stew Roman style in Red wine and spices to accompany the next course;

| ABBACCHIO ALLA MENTA | one of chef’s signature dishes. Lamb is something huge in Rome during Easter and Roman style roasted lamb is something popular all over our peninsula. We give you that but with a twist: in fact the lamb is roasted in two varieties of mint that only grow in the surroundings of the Eternal City. Russel Crowe would be crying right now. ;

| SECRET DESSET – ? | We take no prisoners, we just create new Romans;

The date is APRIL, THE 20th – 8pm
and now go and BOOK YOUR SEAT

…if you wanna do as the Romans do just visit us or SIGN UP TO OUR NEWSLETTER

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