When the Chef met the Butler



Food and Drink pairings have always been to me some of the most exciting things you can have in the culinary scene. They gather great people together plus passion, creativity, quality and, most of all, stories…and a lot of booze obviously. We always tried to promote this kind of experience. It helps our guests understand who and why someone is behind a label or a dish. It helps everybody give humanity to something delicious. We did this with Aubert & Mascoli wines in the past, with Aperol Spritz UK last summer and we are going to do it again with Butler’s Gin just before Christmas.


And if it’s true that what you do tells a bit about yourself, Ross William Butler must have had a lot to say when he came up with his Lemongrass and Cardamon Gin: an elegant bottle with an extravagant take that never finishes surprising  with its multiple facets. So, if before meeting Ross, whenever i thought of a butler i just couldn’t do better than thinking of Batman’s beloved Alfred Pennyworth, now i might have to change my mind, at least until my dilemma won’t be solved:

Who is the Butler?


That’s what we get to know. The Butler lives in Hackney and he likes to spend his very limited free time on his boat, sailing through London channels with a nice glass of Gin and occasionally taking on friends, clients and business partners for a ride. I met the Butler last May at one of our regular supperclub events but we really had to speak each other only recently in front of his remarkable Gin based cocktails and my own dishes. A witty, confident young man talented with words as much as with his mixology skills whose story tracks back to Northern Ireland passing through many other countries, experiences and stories he is happy to share with everyone. The passion, the enthusiasm, the ambition are maybe common ground as well as that slight degree of positive innocence that Peter Pan would call fairy dust and that, i like to believe, helps all dreamers to keep their route to Neverland while modelling beautiful ideas into reality.

Is Ross the Butler or the other way around? You will have 4 complimentary cocktails matched to 4 brand new recipes, i personally created for the occasion,to find out.


To see full menu or book just click here, in the meantime that’s just one of the matches:

The Butler’s sling – aromatic and foamy. The pleasure of cinnamon infused in Gin before Vermouth knocks you out with style.

Crostini di Polenta Verde con Gamberi erborinati – Prawn, Mild Gorgonzola and Broccoli Polenta crostinis topped with prawn slowly cooked in Gorgonzola cheese cream and sprinkled with toasted sesame seed and slices of Speck ham.


The Backdoor Kitchen Dispatch

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